Regional Pride

Addressing the sense of regional pride and what makes it different to come from a certain area, this work is based in the North East. It focuses on Middlesbrough and Redcar and their heritage in industry and explores what post-industrial Britain looks like. We are but a shell of the industry that was once in our area, but we could never lose or forget our roots. In addition, what makes Middlesbrough, Middlesbrough, is the football. Interrupting the usual and mundane monotony of the land, for a few hours masses of people crowd the streets all with the same sense of belonging and pride for the mighty Boro.

Regional Pride has been self-published with a limited edition of 10 copies that have been hand made by the photographer. Each copy is signed and numbered and comes within its own presentation box.

Regional Pride has been printed on recycled paper to emulate the feel of a newspaper. This draws parallels to the work within the book and the physical medium itself. The boxes that the book comes in are meant to juxtapose this throwaway feel of a newspaper, along with a slightly heavier weight paper, meant to celebrate an object that often is overlooked in the world.

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