The Tees Men

Tees Men explorers The North East of England and its relation to its roots in industry, even now after the industries are closing down. An on-going project that as of present looks at two areas: South Gare, and The Foundry.

South Gare is a fishing village at the mouth of the River Tees, speaking with Ian Turner, he said “most of us are here to fish for fun these days, you see the occasional bloke who’s still managing to make his living off of this, but the days of us all making it have long gone.”

The Foundry

William Lane is a foundry based in Middlesbrough. I have been returning there for 2 and a half years now to document the work of the men down there and it truly is a hand-crafted profession. Over the course of my trips there the men working have recently bought the company off of its original owner who was going to liquidate the company, however Stuart and Dave were not likely to give up the company as they had worked there their entire lives, starting as teenage apprentices.